“Proudly mid weight and elegant” 93 Regan Drew


Terre à Terre Cabernet Franc Shiraz 2019

“I do like seeing Cabernet Franc as the majority. I’ve a soft spot for the grape. Dark heart with a bright purple rim. Ripe and ready chocolate covered blackberry fruit, musk, rose, exotic toasted spice, small plum and even a little “bubble gum” note usually seen with carbonic maceration (no mention of this in the extensive winemaking notes though). Don’t mistake this as a simple fruit forward wine: the balance is knife-edge judged with the plushness of the Shiraz filling out the bony crevices of dark tannic, structural Cab Franc. And those tannins, they’re proudly dusty and tight. Proudly mid weight and elegant.”

93 points

Regan Drew, vinonotebook.com

24 March 2022

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