“A master of all things Claret” 96(98)/100 (e) or 9/10 (h) – Tim White | timwhite.com.au


Terre à Terre Crayères Vineyard Reserve 2019

Author: Tim White | timwhite.com.au

“This smells quite sublime — most luxurious. Cedary, flake tobacco Cabernet Sauvignon, plus plum fruitcake Shiraz, amid super-swanky oak, which is interwoven seamlessly among the fruit deepness of it all. A sniff of Turkish Delight too. Likewise, intensely flavoured on the palate with vibrant juiciness, but also with a rich plum pudding core, and a runnel of dry, brandy butter (if this makes any sensory sense). Fruit is both glistening and sparkly, conveyed by serious — beautifully articulated — dense tannin. Mouth-aroma wafts of shiny, sourdough crust and delicate café crema brûlée. There’s slight alcohol warmth apparent, but it is a complexing component — not a feature. Truly, this is Claret with a capital C — a wine of power and grandeur. Indeed — to quote the late, great Clive Coates*, a master of all things Claret — it’s an Aussie ‘Grand Vin’, at the beginning of a wonderful life (natural cork closures permitting**).”

96(98)/100 (e) – 9/10 (h)

Enjoy ideally from 2029 onwards.

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