Crayères Vineyard Sauvignon Blanc Reviewed in Gourmet Traveller Wine


In the first major tasting of Sauvignon Blanc since 2013, a panel of experts tasted and reviewed examples from Australia, New Zealand and France. Wine writer Nick Bulleid MW notes: “I found the tasting quite an eye-opener. Most wines had moved beyond the traditional grassy, herbaceous aromas and showed riper characters – sometimes stone fruits, sometimes tropical and often, in the Loire wines, citrus. There was also sensitive use of oak and subtle complexity from reduction (sulphides). While varietal identities were crystal clear, there was a great range of varietal expression across the regions, ages and the wines as a whole, and frankly excitement. Even the wines that didn’t quite make our rating for reviews offered attractive drinking, so the variety maintained its reputation for consistent delivery. For me, and hopefully many others, it’s time to re-evaluate sauvignon blanc.”

Terre à Terre Crayères Vineyard Sauvignon Blanc 2017

“has a nice touch of development adding to its preserved lemon aroma. The palate starts quite softly, with hints of barrel ferment complexity, yet remains delicate. “A fragrant bouquet of nettle, lemongrass and white peach,” noted [Andrea] Pritzker MW. “Bright and fresh, with subtle toasty complexity and rounded mouthfeel and texture. Elegant and refined with lovely line and length.”

Gourmet Traveller Wine, January 2020

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