Katie Spain: “never disappoints”


Author: Katie Spain
Source: The Advertiser
Date: 26 December 2018

DAOSA Natural Réserve

This party guest never disappoints. Made using methode traditionnelle (as favoured by the Champagne region of France), it’s as close as you get to “ooh-la-la” this side of the equator. The crew behind the Daosa sparkling project know their stuff. Terre a Terre’s Xavier Bizot, (from the Bollinger family) and his wife Lucy Croser, (daughter of Petaluma founder and Tapanappa main man Brian Croser) have choreographed a beautiful dance between pinot noir (85%) and chardonnay (15%). Black Swan it ain’t. The citrus floral and strawberry pirouettes are a delight.

Score: 4.5 stars
Best with:
 Good New Year intentions

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