Stuart Robinson: “a fine mousse”


Author: Stuart Robinson
Review Date: September 29, 2018

Daosa Natural Réserve – April 16 tirage

Badged as an NV wine, yet with 85% base wine from 2016 it could equally be declared as a vintage. It’s also 85% Pinot Noir, the balance being Chardonnay.
The Natural part refers – I think – to the addition of zero sulphur.
Delicate: quince, stonefruit, with a suggestion of brioche, buttery and sweet. It has the appearance of being softer in its presentation.
Biscuit, with a caramelised edge. A fine mousse and textural softness, more like an apricot Danish with respect to its flavour profile. Gentle length, ebbing along – sustained in its presence.

Rated : 93 Points
Alcohol : 12.1%
Price : $40

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