“High Quality Australian Sparkling” – 94 Andrew Graham


DAOSA Blanc de Blancs 2017

“On the topic of Champagne comparisons, I had this not long after the always-sublime Larmandier-Bernier Latitude Blanc de Blancs, and this didn’t come off as inferior. Different shapes, sure, but the quality was on a par. And for background, Larmandier Bernier is my favourite Champagne house.

This is 100% Piccadilly Valley Chardonnay fruit, fermented in old oak, that spends 42 months on lees. Bottled with 5g/L dosage.

This is a round mouthful of a wine closer to the worked, mod grower Champagne styles than most anything Big House. Porridge, white flowers, lemon citrus, the palate notably dry yet full – more ripe Chardonnay than trying to be Champagne – and every sip gives a different take. Lovely mealy nose. The acidity is a surprise, too – you underestimate it and just assume that this will be a bit broad. But it’s balanced, and all works. Lots of expressive, non-fruit flavour makes this, and I enjoyed every sip.

High-quality Australian sparkling.

Daosa Blanc de Blancs 2017. Best drinking: good now, and not going anywhere. 18.5/20, 94/100. 13.2%, $90. Would I buy it? Well worth a bottle.”

18.5/20 – 94/100 

Andrew Graham, ozwinereview.com

28 February 2022

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